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“Intriguing and compelling story of growing up in Nazi occupied France during World War II. The author later married an American soldier and the book includes many stories of their life together in France and in the U.S. These stories are told with humor, compassion, and human understanding. The book also makes interesting observations about how our interpretation of the past can be clouded by our memories and our personal experiences.”...Michael Murphy (GoodReads)

($19.95 + Shipping/Handling)

Working together for a common cause and sharing a common experience can promote understanding and ultimately form bonds of friendships. The adventures or in some cases the misadventures of Piper, Billy Bob, and Pierre will entertain and encourage the acceptance of those who at first glance are very different from what we are familiar with. Friends working together can sometimes achieve the impossible. Piper's story reveals the value of making new friends. Join the fun-filled adventure as Piper, Billy Bob, and Pierre discover that friends can come in very different sizes, shapes, and colors. Be amazed at what you can accomplish by working together. 

($14.99 +Shipping/Handling;  click on image to purchase from Amazon)

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SKUNK SAVES THE FOREST!!! What? How? Why? No Way!

Way! Discover how Iggy, through pugnacious persistence and daring deeds, prevented the destruction of Pleasant Valley's pristine woodlands. 

Iggy's friends, Tug Bullfrog and Topper Bee-Hopper explain it all, and more, as they reminisce about their buddy's escapades in the Ozark hills of Missouri.

($12.50 + Shipping/Handling)

Have you ever been the "new kid" on the block? If so, how did you make new friends? Being the new planet in our solar system, inquisitive KOZMO and his spunky side-kick PIXEL, must figure out how to meet their new neighbors...the inhabitants of Planet Earth. And it's probably not the way you would expect. 

($12.50 + Shipping/Handling)

Have you ever seen a Saw-Head? Follow Little Ralphie, our favorite Saw-Head, and find out what they are all about. Nine short stories for short-attention-span readers, written by a short attention span author. 

($12.50 + Shipping/Handling)

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